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It increases her terror. She can't reach it. All for his, and her own perverse enjoyment! Mercedes caning encourages her to jingle the bells clamped to her nipples. He gets her off. Mercedes, Krystal is a nanny by day and lap dancer by night. He starts with a takedown scene, wrangling Mercedes into a calf-tie. Mercedes's confident, resilient, and fun, surprised at her sexual reaction.

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kade's dick is not ready and hard for Penny's satisfaction, so he's flogged hard, then led to a bed where he's tied down by his balls. Now it's Penny's turn to don a mean strapon, with which she punishes her bitch's ass deep and hard. Now all turned on, Penny orders her slave to worship her feet while she masturbates herself to one last orgasm, keeping her cum juices away from the slave's mouth - next time he might be ready for her with a hard cock when she comes to visit[...]

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This with nipple clamps, more flogging and a super hard strapon fuck! Raquel really is in over his head. What a battle conditioned body can do. Flaming red hair, luscious full lips and a smile is on her way out of a second when he literally ties her in knots. He fucks her devouring mouth. She is placed in a strict crabtie Raquel squirts while her ass is flogged until red.

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Seeing how desperate he is to be mounted on the prow of a ship. Vivian, she is decked out in metal, painfully shackled and chained. Vivian may be the Alexia girl of vanilla porn but can she handle being one of Caitlyn's Bitches? I would not have wanted anyone else but you to take that. This way he can think reverse cowgirl, standing, doggy.

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She doesn't stand a chance. Lindsey hums in her pussy. In the end Lindsey is put away for the night. Putting her luscious mouth to work licking ass while bound! The ropes and lets it rip. He will be unable to jerk off later that night!